Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Photos in the Spotlight

I was pleasantly surprised to find a couple of my photos listed in treasuries on Etsy...a treasury is where somebody on Etsy puts together a group of their 12 favorite items and posts them for all to see. They usually follow some type of theme, but they can also just be a list of favorites. It is essentially free word-of-mouth advertising on Etsy, and I think it's a fabulous compliment!

So, I was honored to stumble across the following two photos in two separate treasuries.

I call the photograph above, "Drip!" This is a photograph of a Mexican sunflower that I took in Monet's garden on our trip to Paris last year. The air was pleasantly misty with an amazing filtered light effect that I have never seen anywhere else. The mist was condensing on all the flowers in the famous garden, which made for some wonderful photographic opportunities!

I found my above photograph, "Burning Bush," in a separate treasury. This photograph was taken after the first snow last winter. I just loved the effect of the white snow on the colorful leaves. I'm so glad to discover that someone else loves it, too!

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