About Me

Yes, I really do "follow my muse." If something inspires me, I simply must paint it or photograph it. I do more photography in the warmer months, when we are too active and busy to find a lot of time to paint. And, winters here bring too much ice to be out frequently, walking around with my camera in hand. I paint more in the winter, when the light is so fleeting and the colors of nature have faded...I open my pastel box just to SEE bright, vibrant color. Then, I MUST touch them, make a mark with them, and create something with all that color. More than I care to admit, painting has gotten me through a bad case of the mid-winter blahs.

I hope you'll enjoy looking at my paintings and photographs; my eclectic collection of personal inspiration. Painting and photography are two real passions of mine; I really hope you will like what you see!

As with all artwork, however, my art and photos are protected under copyright law. If you wish to use my images for any purpose, PLEASE be courteous and contact me for permission. Thank you!