Friday, April 22, 2011

New Beginnings

I have not posted here in a L-O-O-O-NG time.  I don't think I've painted since my last post.  My boys keep me running -- all of them, including my husband! 

I have not lost my creative spirit, however!  Lucky for me, I still have photography, and that has really blossomed in the last year.  I've continued to photograph all kinds of things that inspire me, but have found myself doing some portrait work, and have found that to be inspiring as well!

The portrait work was kind of accidental...sort of.  I've always loved capturing kids and families with my camera.  I've always found myself striving to push my technical limits in order to create better portraits.  I had decided I'd like to make it my career path as my kids got older, but did not have a definite time frame in mind. 

Then, last summer, a friend of mine wanted a portrait done of her children with all their cousins.  I am delighted to say that I have been getting calls through word of mouth ever since!  It has been so much fun!

Here are a couple photographs from the session that got me started: 

I am so grateful to my friend for giving me the push that got me started moving down this path...

...and I'm sure I'll find time to paint again eventually!

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